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Limudai Yisroel Institute Responds to COVID-19 with a FREE Release of all its Digital Curricula

In an extraordinary response to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the Limudai Yisroel Institute has made all of its acclaimed digital curricula available for FREE to the frum public until the start of the 2020 school year. As this unprecedented crisis began to unfold, and schools were forced to shutter, teachers, parents, and principals were sent scrambling to come up with appropriate digital curricula to use in remote learning environments. Seeing the difficulties educators and parents were experiencing, the board of the Limudai Yisroel Institute sprung to action and agreed to release all of its sponsored curricula to the frum public to ensure that our youth receives a kosher yet thorough education during these trying times. As soon as news of an imminent release of the curricula was publicized, close to 200 teachers, parents and principals reached out to the Institute to ask for access to these curricula. As the curricula rolled out, praise quickly issued forth for its quality and content from many quarters.
One parent wrote, “Thank you so much for sharing your vast well of knowledge. We are so excited to teach our children science from a Jewish perspective.” Another, a veteran history teacher in a Bais Yaakov responded “Thank you so much. As a history teacher for 35 years, and a Holocaust teacher for 20 years, I really enjoyed your thorough presentation. I have only just started it, and since it is before Yom Tov I don’t have time to savor it. Thank you again for your avodas hakodesh. It is fascinating and extremely well done.”
We are very grateful to have had the zechus to assist the wider public during this time of tremendous challenge and look forward to more opportunities to serve the public in the future.
For those who have not yet signed up and are interested in access to one or all of our curricula, please visit our website at to register for this free offer while it lasts. (Offer ends August 30, 2020)

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