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Mesivta of Long Beach Hires Two New Teachers Trained by
the Limudai Yisroel Institute

Ever since the Mesivta of Long Beach hired a graduate of the Limudai Yisroel Institute as their math teacher in September of 2018, a bond of mutual respect and trust has been building between the Mesivta and the Institute. “We love the fact that the Institute provides Bnai Torah who are well trained and well supported, and are prepared every day to teach general studies in a Torahdik way,” said Rabbi Aron Rosenberg, the Mesivta’s English Principal. For this reason, it was no surprise when the Mesivta reached out to the institute again to request help in replacing two veteran retiring teachers who taught History and ELA. “Boruch Hashem,” says Rabbi Moshe Brody, “we had two trained yungeliet who were looking for positions locally and who were able to fill those with positions when they opened up.” Using state of the art technology provided by the Institute, the Institute’s own curriculum, and review books published by our own Limudai Chol Publications, the Mesivta has now once again raised the bar of its history courses provided by its general studies department. When it comes to ELA preparation, using the Institute’s system of prepared curriculum guides and daily, tailored work sheets, the Institute has managed to provide differentiated ELA instruction to three separate grades in the Mesivta. “We are in almost daily touch with the teacher which allows us to adapt quickly to meet the curricular needs of the students”, said Rabbi Brody. This flexibility, and real-time driven data has certainly raised the level of ELA proficiency in this prestigious learning institution, and hopefully will do so in more schools in coming years.

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